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Finding the inner voice

Finding your voice goes deeper than the way your voice sounds. Throughout my vocal journey, I learned about the different roles our voices can play. As a performer, the voice primarily served as a source of expression, communication, art, music, connection, and laughter. However, when my voice became silenced, I would learn that the voice first and foremost serves a purpose that is critical for survival. It serves as a protective mechanism. 

When the voice becomes locked, this can lead to misalignment, disempowerment, and inauthenticity. I have lost my voice in relationships, and through chronic illness. I suffered from a traumatic experience where my voice would not turn on. By losing my voice, I lost my authentic self. I lost my sense of empowerment. Through a long road of vocal and whole person wellness recovery, I was able to learn techniques to heal and live a life filled with passion, resilience, and joy. If you can relate to my story, know that your authentic voice is already inside of you. 

Returning to the practice of tuning into my inner voice through yoga, mindfulness, breathwork, journaling, and self care allowed me the space to find my authentic voice again, to become empowered and aligned.

Through my own vocal and health journey, I have created an approach which combines vocal pedagogy, breathwork, mindfulness, somatic approaches, transformational life coaching, and movement to help individuals get in touch with their inner voice, access their authentic voice, and become vocally empowered. To live vocally means to find a voice that you love. To live vocally is to say: “I feel heard.” “My voice matters.” “I love my voice.” “I truly love and accept my voice.” 

To inquire about the Live Vocally approach, or to share your story with me, feel free to reach out anytime. 

With love, 


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mantras for the voice

My authentic voice is inside of me. 

I honor my true self through my vocal exploration. 

I speak my truth. 

I truly love and accept my voice. 

My voice is uniquely mine. 

My inner voice will guide me. 

I am vocally empowered. 

My voice is beautiful. 


I'm always looking to connect with soul-aligned humans. Let's chat! 


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