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Are you ready to live vocally?

The importance of finding your voice and sharing your story.

As human beings, we thrive when connecting with others. In order to connect with others, we must feel confident in our ability to communicate our thoughts, ideas, and feelings. When we feel like our voice is silenced or our voice does not align with our true identity, we suffer. When we fear our audience's reaction to our voice or stuttering, we are silenced. We are interrupted. We are ignored. I am here to tell you that your voice matters. You deserve to be heard.

What does "live vocally" mean to me? Live vocally has both a literal and figurative meaning. Our voices are so integral to who we are. The sound of our voice, the tone, the intonation, the rythm, communicates so much about us. It can communicate gender, age, geographical location, and emotion. Our voices are integral to our identities, the key to who we are and how we are feeling. To live vocally means to live without fear and to live authentically. By giving you the gift of voice, you can distill the experiences that are no longer serving you and be who you truly are. You can order what you want in a restaurant, without fear of stuttering on that word. You can speak your mind. You can share your opinion. You can be identified as your true gender identity. You can feel safe. You can feel empowered. You can. You can. You can.

I celebrate your inner voice and I wish you the best of luck on your courageous journey to finding authenticity, acceptance, and communication.

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