About Me

Heather Gross, M.S. CCC-SLP, CYT

NCVS Trained Vocologist 

Singing Voice Specialist

Certified Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher

Certified Transformational Coach 

Welcome to my practice! My name is Heather Gross and I am a voice therapist, singing voice specialist, and vocal technician. My teaching style is holistic, client-centered, individualized, and dynamic. I have extensive experience and a passion for serving the transgender and gender diverse population and professional voice users.     

I received my Master's of Science in Speech-Language Pathology from Columbia University. I pursued an additional certification in Volocogy (the study of voice habilitation) from The National Center for Voice and Speech at The University of Utah, under the mentorship of Dr. Ingo Titze. I have pursued continuing education in the areas of Transgender Voice and Communication, Improving Care for the LGBTQ Community, and more. 

Beyond my speech pathology training, I have over twenty years of vocal performance experience and over ten years of experience coaching professional voice users including Broadway actors, comedians, television and film actors, and professional singer-songwriters. 


With a background in singing and acting, I am able to provide a unique perspective for clients interested in voice modification and can empathize with the desire to be heard and free the authentic voice. With additional training as a certified transformational life coach and certified mindfulness teacher, my approach is holistic and focuses on the mind, body, and voice connection. I am an advocate for the individuals I work with. My aspiration is to free my clients by freeing their voice. If you are ready to live vocally, I would love to help you on your courageous journey! 

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  • Master of Science in Speech Pathology 

  • Certification in Vocology  

  • Certified Transformational Life Coach 

  • Certified Mindfulness Meditation teacher


  • Transgender Voice Specialist 

  • Singing Voice Specialist 

  • Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher 

  • Vocal Pedagogue and Vocal Technician


"In regards to my specific therapist, Heather Gross, I will tell you she is a hero to the transgender community.  She is so passionate and knowledgeable about feminizing your voice that she made something I was terrified about fun and enjoyable."


-Live Vocally Client 

"I love my new voice!"


-Live Vocally Client 

"You made it possible for me to talk without dysphoria. I no longer dread the need to talk. This is a wonderful gift you give to people like me."   


-Live Vocally Client 

"I thought I would never be able to learn to sing, and in only a few months Heather has managed to teach me what no other instructors could. 

Voice comes with no fast miracles, but if you want someone understanding, sensitive, and deeply knowledgeable of the voice--especially trans speaking and singing voices--please seek her out. You will not find someone better."


-Live Vocally Client

 "I am so fortunate to work with the professionals I work with, and if I had known I would have the opportunity to work with someone like you, I would not have lived in fear of becoming who I am for all of those years.”  


-Live Vocally Client 

"The last thing that I will mention about my specific therapist, Heather, is that she truly loves the transgender community."   


-Live Vocally Client